At BORKARS, our Projects are conceived in our hearts and not on the drawing board. It’s our endeavor to offer spaces with which our customers can have a personal relationship- be it Residential Spaces, Commercial Spaces or Plots. We want our projects to be points of intersection of our customer’s aspirations, and our design and execution capabilities. All our Creative, Intellectual and Engineering energies are streamlined towards delivering just that. Our ability to connect with people is something, we believe, sets us apart.


Seize the opportunity to create a grand lifestyle for your family that will be the envy of all. Every facet of living in a plush mansion has been encompassed in our stately villas at The Colonia by Borkars. We deliver a style of life impossible to find anywhere else in the vicinity for the similar value.



With every new chapter, begins a new story, with new aspirations, desires and joys. It is with a deep understanding of your goals and desires, that we’ve envisioned homes that allow the personal space essential to develop and nurture that special bond while creating lasting memories and a sense of personal security.